Why is Nose to Tail Eating so Important? • Dr Paul Saladino
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Functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Paul Saladino (MD), is today’s guest interview. Paul shares his perspective on the nose-to-tail carnivore diet. He helps explain why the nose-to-tail approach is key when adopting an all-meat diet (esp. long-term) and why certain people have great results on this type of diet. We then find out which plant foods can be more problematic than others and what elements are essential in a nose-to-tail diet if we want to avoid deficiencies. We also go into discussing intestinal permeability, mental health, longevity, supplements, iodine, collagen, balance in terms of micronutrient ratios such as copper and zinc, as well as omega-3/omega-6, methionine/glycine and fat/protein ratios. Go to the show notes at https://www.biohackerslab.com/ep86-dr-paul-saladino/ for more links & highlights.