Ep41: How the Oura Ring Sleep Tracker Works (+ Tips) • Petteri Lahtela
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The CEO and Co-Founder of Oura Health, Petteri Lahtela, is today’s guest interview. Petteri shares with us the news of the release of Oura’s second generation ring. He helps to explain the importance of restorative sleep on recovery from the day’s stresses, optimising performance and general health. We then find out how we can use the Oura ring to improve our sleep quality as well as quantity, how we can extrapolate bio-signals indicative of various imbalances in the body and how we can use the ring to get personal guidance in other aspects of our lives including diet and timing of exercise. We also go into discussing the accuracy of the ring, new features, factors negatively affecting sleep, EMF and more. For a nice Oura ring discount use the coupon code BIOHACKERSLAB at checkout to help save yourself some money on a new Oura ring. Go to the show notes at https://www.biohackerslab.com/ep41-petteri-lahtela/ for more links & highlights.