What Foods Are Keto + Nutrient Dense? (Nutrita Review) • Raphael Sirtoli
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Co-founder of Nutrita and Neuroscientist, Raphael Sirtoli, is today’s guest interview. Raphael shares how his new venture, the low-carb/keto food search engine by Nutrita came about. He explains how The Nutrita app scoring system works and helps people make informed food choices more easily with their keto and low-carb friendly nutrition tracker. We then find out about the three food ratings Nutrita uses: the keto score, nutrient density score and insulin index, as well as how their macro calculator works and the more in-depth nutrient breakdown option. We also go into discussing bad data, Nutrita’s data sources and their approach to analysing data, the glycemic index and its limitations as well as more about the goals and future of their web app that’s coming soon. Go to the show notes at https://www.biohackerslab.com/ep88-raphael-sirtoli/ for more links & highlights.