Taking on Amazon and Supply Chain Disruptions
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Priyanka talks to Jim Tompkins, Founder of Tompkins Intl Consulting. They cover topics – such as how can companies respond to the Amazon threat, what are the biggest drivers disrupting supply chains today, what are some of the things supply chain execs should have an eye on and how do we bridge the talent gap in the industry. Questions Jim answered: - How can the industry respond to the Amazon threat? - Which company, if any, can challenge Amazon and replace it? - What are the biggest drivers disrupting today’s supply chains? - What will be the biggest change in the next 5 years, and the key technologies that are having a major impact on supply chain? - What should a retail SC executive have their eye on? - There seems to be a big talent gap in supply chain – how can we solve for it? Leave your feedback at twitter.com/priyankaasera