Best Buy’s CSCO on How to Pull Off a Successful Supply Chain Transformation
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With Guest Speaker: Rob Bass, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Best Buy Priyanka talks to Rob Bass, CSCO of Best Buy, on the entire journey and experience of the supply chain overhaul Best Buy went through over the last 5 years pulling it out of the brinks of bad business performance to a thriving force in consumer electronics today! Rob discusses what the key factors to success are for supply chain leaders looking to disrupt and keep up with change. Questions Rob answered - Best Buy is nearing the end of their major supply chain transformation – take us back to the beginning, where did you start? - Initiatives with multiple vendors and integrators struggle with meeting timelines. What do you attribute your success to? You secured a rare position of serving on a retail board at Pier One as a supply chain executive. How do you see the industry starting to recognize Supply Chain as a key executive role? - Your career growth trajectory at Best Buy has been super-fast what do you attribute that to?