REI on having a core vision for your supply chain strategy
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Priyanka talks to Bill Best – DVP Supply Chain at REI. Recreational Equipment Inc commonly known as REI, is an American retail and outdoor sports company. It is famously known to keep its doors shut during Black Friday when the rest of the industry is in absolute chaos for holiday deals and sales. REI also regularly features on reputed publications for having a “green supply chain” as well as for being one of the “best places to work”. Priyanka asks Bill to share some of the thought processes behind these decisions and what the impact of this is on the operations, supply chain and the business at large. Questions Bill answered: Describe briefly what REI does and your role at the company Why do you remain shut for Black Friday and how does that impact sales? How important is it to have a core vision and why? What are the two biggest challenges in supply chain today? What are the two biggest opportunities in supply chain today? Isn’t a sustainable and “green” supply chain good to have but very costly to…