DHL eCommerce CEO on cross-border, last mile and all things eCom
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September 4, 2018
Today I’m in conversation with Charles Brewer, CEO of DHL eCommerce. Questions Charles answered: Introduction to yourself With such an international exposure under your belt, which are the upcoming regions/markets set for the biggest eCommerce boom and why? What are some of the biggest hurdles as well as opportunities in cross-border eCommerce? Is it really a profitable proposition? If there’s, say an American company, looking to go cross-border to deliver in Europe or Asia, where should they start and what kinds of partnerships should they be looking to build? DHL Parcel Metro is tackling the last mile challenge through crowdsourced deliveries. How do you tackle the security aspect of crowdsourced deliveries (i.e. vetting drivers)? And what are some of the quantitative impacts you’ve seen from adopting this model? What will be the biggest trends in last mile over the next 5 years and how does this differ across different markets? What are the biggest innovations and investments DHL is looking at in the Ecom…