16: Buying and Selling Camera Gear
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September 14, 2018
Do you have a pile of old cameras and lenses stashed in a closet somewhere? Or do you sell your used gear to make way for new goodies? What about buying previously-owned cameras and lenses? This week, Kirk and Jeff talk about buying and selling your photo gear: where to do it, pitfalls to avoid, and more. Sponsor Masters of Photography, online masterclasses with the greatest photographers in the world. Get 5% off any course with the code PHOTOACTIVE. https://mastersof.photography/ref/27/?campaign=PhotoActive Hosts: Jeff's website, Jeff's photos, Jeff on Instagram Kirk's website, Kirk's photos, Kirk on Instagram Show Notes: LensRentals.com Borrow Lenses Fujifilm Refurbished (UK) Apple Refurbished Lake in Catskill Mountains, 1971 (Woman Throwing Crutches), Joel Meyerowitz MPB.com Ebay How to Make the Most Money Selling Your Camera Gear, Fstoppers Tips for Buying Used Camera Gear, Digital Photography School How to Buy Used Lenses, Photography Life Subscribe to the PhotoActive podcast mailing list at the bottom…