24: Manual vs Automatic Camera Settings
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We (good-naturedly) wade back into the question of “What makes a REAL photographer?” In this case, we’re talking about shooting using entirely manual controls or using the auto or semi-automatic modes on your camera. (Spoiler: Anyone with a camera is a real photographer.) We discuss when each approach works, and the advantages of knowing how shutter speed, aperture, and ISO all work together. Sponsor Masters of Photography, online masterclasses with the greatest photographers in the world. Get 5% off any course with the code PHOTOACTIVE. https://mastersof.photography Hosts: Jeff's website, Jeff's photos, Jeff on Instagram Kirk's website, Kirk's photos, Kirk on Instagram Show Notes: (View show notes with images at PhotoActive.co) Episode #21 - HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography Aperture Priority mode (Wikipedia) Shutter Priority mode (Wikipedia) The Exposure Triangle - A Beginner’s Guide (PhotographyLife.com) Episode #8 - Gordon Laing on Taking Great Photos In Camera f/8 and Be There - What We Can Learn…