Taking the magic of Broadway around the world with Vincent Marini
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Over his career Vincent has produced and directed high profile shows across the globe. He’s been the artistic director of one of Ameria’s premier state theatres, worked as a special consultant to Cirque du Soleil, and served on the board at a number of cultural trusts and institutions. In his role at Base, he’s responsible for bringing all the company’s key projects to life - from theatrical plays and musicals, to concerts, magic shows and cutting edge hologram technology experiences. It’s clear from the start how much knowledge and passion Vincent possesses for both his craft and the industry more broadly. This episode is a must for producers, directors, creators and impresarios across creative mediums. Episode highlights: 02:00 Vincent’s career story 07:30 Running a unique theatre space 16:30 Working with creative constraints 22:00 Embracing failure 24:50 Future trends in live entertainment 30:30 Take productions around the globe 40:00 Holograms and VR 54:00 Base’s main projects for 2018 61:00 The role of…