What’s next in travel and tourism ticketing with Leith Stevens of Redeam
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Think about the last trip you booked. You may have done it all from your mobile phone. Flights - Kayak or SkyScanner. Hotels? Expedia, Tablet, or maybe Hotel Tonight Transfers - well, Uber and Lift make it easy But what about a tour, an exhibition or an attraction at your destination? Even if the booking is online you may still need a paper ticket to gain entry. It’s a headache for both consumers and businesses alike. On the guest list today is Leith Stevens of Redeem, a Colorado based startup building digital ticket solutions for experiences around the globe. In this conversation Leith gives us an insight into the inner workings of the tourism industry, the most interesting shifts in the ticketing business, and valuable advice for startups in all industries looking to go and build the right thing. Episode Overview 04:00 How technology has impacted travel and tourism - from flights to hotels and tours 13:00 Lessons learned from startup 1 to startup 2 16:30 Disney’s Magic Band and the growth of multi-day…