Betaworks’ James Cooper on building products, brands, and communities
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Spend some time around the world of startups and it probably won’t be long until you hear someone mention the term startup studio. It’s recently become a bit of a buzz term for consultancies, ad agencies and brands, but New York company Betaworks have been working in and around this area for over a decade. As well as their work building and investing in companies, Betaworks have recently opened Studios, their own membership space in the city’s Meatpacking district. James Cooper is the company’s head of creative, working across a diverse range of projects from GIF sharing platforms to spatial design, voice recognition to meditation. We talked about how we can use technology to escape technology, what Betaworks look for when programming live events, the future of the shared experience, and the benefits to looking outside to find inspiration in an always-on digital world. Episode overview 04:00 Going from digital to physical products 07:00 Why now for building a brick & mortar space? 10:00 The thought process…