How to Algorithm-Proof Your Business
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Too many people are complaining about algorithms, and how these algorithm changes are “messing up” who sees posts, how often, at what times, etc. Listen: Facebook and Instagram and Zuck and his peeps are gonna keep doing their thing, monetizing these platforms as the OWNERS. It is up to you to build an INTEGRATED MARKETING STRATEGY so that you do not have to panic every time an algorithm changes. This means using a mix of marketing strategies, all working together, leading people through a system, breadcrumbs leading to multiple entry points on your website. How to focus on making your business algorithm proof? Form JV partnerships, get yourself some media exposure, get interviewed on podcasts, start your own podcast, build your own list, and focus on building your fanatical tribe of people who will look for you when that algorithm doesn’t show your content. Create a multimedia mix of content - videos, stories, blogs, pics, etc - and share these across multiple platforms, with ALL roads leading back to YOUR…