Failure to Launch: What’s Holding You Back?
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Amanda had several e-books, smart reports, and e-courses sitting on her hard drive. Each project was “almost” ready to launch. She would go to networking conferences and attend webinars. She would tell the other attendees about her projects and she even had several people interested in them. But a year later, she was still in the EXACT same place. She never launched anything. Maybe you can relate to Amanda. You have a hard drive filled with projects you haven’t launched. You’re an awesome dreamer, creator, and doer. But you’re still not putting yourself out there. You’re hiding your best work from the world and it’s time for a change! To start launching your products, you first have to understand what’s been holding you back. Here are the most common reasons why you’re stuck… You haven’t launched yet? What’s holding you back? For more, visit the blog at