Increase Productivity with Revenue Generating Activities
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November 18, 2018
Hey ‘preneur! A quick tip that makes a BIG IMPACT: spend more time on revenue generating activities and less time on administrative work. It’s easier said than done because that admin stuff you “need” to do keeps piling up. For example, are you spending 10-15 hours each week on trying to create social media content? This number sounds high til you realize that’s between 1-2 hours each day. Now look at your sales, emails to prospects, calls to potential partners and prospects: are you spending 10-15 hours each week trying to make money? I think we can agree you should be spending MORE time connecting and trying to make $$$ than you are adding filters to pics and tweaking your website. If you’re not sure what you’re spending time on, I’m gonna guess it’s more busywork than not. For the next 7 days, WRITE OUT where you’re spending time, and you’ll have a baseline. From here you can improve your productivity, and make a bigger impact on your profits! For more insights on what it takes to grow your business,…