Why You Need to Own All of Your Social Media Accounts
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Social Media Tip for every person in business: When you hire someone, ANYONE, to set up a new social media account, that person should ask for the email address you want associated with the account. You should be using your own email address. YOU need to all of own your accounts, not your VA, not your friend. If someone is creating a new Facebook page for you, you should ALWAYS be an Admin on the page to retain control. It should be linked to your personal profile, not the profile of the person you hire. It doesn’t matter that YOU don’t know how to use the social media, YOU still need to own ALL of your digital properties. Even if your kid or cousin sets the thing up, TAKE OWNERSHIP of your stuff. I can’t tell you how many times a client hires me to manage their social media, I ask for the login info, and they don’t know it or don’t have it. They have to get with the person they just fired, or some former VA, etc. who is not interested in giving up the information. Sometimes the other person has created the…