Social Media Tip: Check Automated Social Media Posts
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Social Media Tip of the Day: When automating social media, you still need to check the posts to ensure they post properly. Question: Why do I have to check the post if I scheduled it? Answer: Because your automation could’ve fumbled. Is there a typo you didn’t catch the first time? Did the wrong image pull from a blog post? Does your feed flow look funky? Did you tag the wrong person, or forget to tag someone? This may sound silly and minor, but it is NOT minor. You could think your automation is on point, only to realize there was an error and your automation tool couldn’t post the update. Or you pulled the wrong image and now your blog share looks ugly. It is obvious when people automate everything because they miss little things like typos, weird filters, random images that don’t match the content. When coupled with no responses and no engagement, it reflects poorly on your brand. For more tips visit