Look At These Metrics When Identifying A Market Influencer
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It’s about time for publishers and influencers to heavily promote their advertising packages for the holiday season. You know those “spend $10 and get promoted to my thousands of fans” promos. CAUTION: An INFLUENCER gets people to take ACTION. So when you are searching for influencers, do not focus on follower counts. Look at engagement metrics, such as: 1) What % of followers like their posts? 2) What % of followers comment on their posts? 3) How many people share their content? For example, if Influencer X is on Instagram and has 20k followers, and gets 100 likes and 5 comments on her posts, she is NOT an Instagram influencer! She just has plenty of followers. She is not going to get people to take action on your Instagram ad. Now, you might think, it’s only $10, $20, but you are probably using more than one influencer/publisher for ads to maximize your impact and visibility. Those $$$ add up quickly! And you can be left with nothing to show for your $$$. Again, follower counts do NOT make someone an…