How to Use Gated Content to Generate Leads
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Gated content is content that is only available to readers who agree to provide some information in exchange for reading the content. This could be an email address, cell phone number or other information. To use gated content for lead generation, it’s important that you understand which content is best for using this way and which content is not. Don’t Block Everything To use gated content best, it’s important that you don’t block every bit of your content to the public. If you do, you’re also blocking search engines, and you’re not giving your audience enough chance to get to know you so that they trust you with their private information. It’s a good idea to give some measure of usable, relevant and interesting content before blocking your users with a gate. Listen to this episode to learn how to make your gated content special, and ultimately create a community of people around your information. Then visit for more ways to use digital marketing to grow your business!