Amp Up Your Meditation With Donovan Vriens-McGrath/EP 24
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For 20 years Donavan has been learning, practicing, teaching and living through the awareness of yoga. Through his worldly experiences, he deepened his practice of meditation to be considered a world-renowned meditation teacher. I had the great pleasure of meeting and practicing with him here in Los Angeles at where he teaches classes. In this episode, Donavan shares with us the culmination of what he’s gathered from his experiences of teaching and practicing meditation. Meditation has the influence to heal, to protect and create abundance in your life when practiced regularly. Accepted as an alternative healing practice in the medical field, meditation has been known to have these benefits: - Lower blood pressure - Improved blood circulation - Lower heart rate - Less perspiration - Slower respiratory rate - Less anxiety - Lower blood cortisol levels - More feelings of well-being - Less stress - Deeper relaxation In the last 5 minutes, Donovan takes us through a meditation…