1. How to generate high-quality B2B leads from the podcast with James Carbary
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Listen to all episodes and subscribe to the System B2B Marketing show on your favorite platform here: https://getleado.com/the-system-b2b-marketing-show/ Have you ever wondered how to generate leads from the podcast? Well, I had. I was always suspicious about podcasting as a content marketing tool for several reasons. This channel has unpredictable ROI. It’s hard to track whether your episode attracted the target audience or no. You can’t add sales pitches to the episodes. As well, people listen to the podcasts from mobile devices, and the chances they will tap into the browser the show producer’s website is minimal. One man changed my opinion about podcasting as a B2B inbound lead generation tool by 360 degrees. Meet James Carbary! James is the founder of Sweet Fish Media, an agency that produces podcasts for B2B companies. As well, James is my co-author of B2B growth marketing deconstructed ebook and co-host of one of the most popular B2B marketing podcasts called The B2B Growth Show. This podcast landed…