003: Work/Life Balance and Hero Worship
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Welcome to episode 3 of the Nerd Journey Podcast [@NerdJourney]! We’re John White (@vJourneyman) and Nick Korte (@NetworkNerd_), two VMware Solutions Engineers who are hoping to bring you the IT career advice that we wish we’d been given earlier in our careers. In today’s episode, we discuss career advancement’s effect on work/life balance and hero-worship in IT. Original recording date: 2017-12-21 Topics 1:48 – How does career advancement affect work/life balance? * Listen to Packet Pushers Episode 369 – Work / Life Balance in IT * Does work / life balance exist? * How do John and Nick define the concept of work / life balance differently? * Departments operating shorthanded can cause imbalance. * See Scott Alan Miller’s article The Smallest IT Department. * In the podcast above, Greg Farrow says work / life balance of an individual could be a byproduct of the company using subpar products (software, hardware, etc.). * Low product cost does NOT equal fragile. * High product cost does NOT equal bulletproof.…