#5 ‘That Nostalgia, Tho… SUL SUL!’ - The Sims Extravaganza
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We’re cranking out the CD-Roms and we’re brushing up on our Simlish for episode 5! We’re taking it all the way back to 2000 and chatting all things ‘The Sims’, from way back when to present day. Have any sadistic confessions* you’d like to share with us over on Twitter? Tweet us @The_Phease and @jches16, we want to hear what crazy stories you may have for us. *Sims related confessions only, please. We cannot be held reliable or accountable for any petty crimes and/or murders you may have committed in the real world. Especially ‘cause that’s rather awful of you. I mean, really. There’s no need. AT ALL. Be nice. Music:- Vault Effect - HQSFX YouTube ‘Glabe Glarn (Neural Net Processor MegaMix)’ - 4Ever-N-Ever/Jerry Martin ‘BoSIM Nova’ - Marc Russo