#4 Vault VR - Bears, Bombs & Heists
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September 30, 2018
In our newest segment of the podcast, we chat about the Playstation VR and three of the first games we’d ever played with a plastic box on our bonces. The games featured in our first Vault VR episode are: The London Heist, from VR Worlds, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and Sneaky Bears. How did you find these gems? Have you played them yet? Have you ‘accidentally’ punched someone in real life whilst enveloped by the the immersive realm of VR? Vic has, well, that’s what she told Jase anyway… Let us know on Twitter @The_Phease and @jches16 - are you the pelter or the peltee? Music:- Vault Effect - HQSFX YouTube ‘To Be Frank’ - Joe Thwaites