Doing Justice Live (with Preet Bharara)
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Preet was interviewed about his new book “Doing Justice” by CBS This Morning’s Bianna Golodryga at a live taping of Stay Tuned at NYU’s Skirball Center. Taped on 3/19/19 REFERENCES & SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS The Q&AAn article from the NYT, “Will We Ever See Mueller’s Report on Trump? Maybe,” plus an article from NBC News reporting on Trump’s comments that the report should be made public.An article from the NYT about the college admissions schemeThe documents related to Michael Cohen’s search warrant, including analysis from the NYT on the released materialsAn article from the Washington Post about imposing term limits on Supreme Court JusticesA report from the Washington Post on Roger Stone’s upcoming trial in DC, set for November 2019Rick Gates’ status report, submitted by Mueller’s team on 3/15/19A report from NBC News that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will delay his departure from the Department of Justice The Interview“Doing Justice” Reviews & Features: Washington Independent Review of Books,…