Meet Lindsey Andrews – A Mother, A Runner, A Business Woman
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Yesterday, I had the fortunate opportunity to be able to sit down and chat with a woman who was a 6x All-American college runner but claimed she ran in high school just for fun. She is also now finding her return to running after bearing her first child and is a young Iowa businesswoman who co-owns the Heartland Soles Running Shoe Store. Meet Lindsey Andrews, a mother, a runner, and a businesswoman thru today’s blog post and my RMC podcast. Planting Running Roots and Transitioning thru Life’s Milestones with Running as Her Guide Lindsey tells family tales of how she got started running and developed her love for the sport. She remains humble with her honest claims that she only ran cross country and track in high school “for fun”. But, also speaks towards the culture change that she adopted in her development as a college runner who peaked with eighty-mile training weeks and running at 6000 feet altitude and “challenging terrain” on long runs. She elaborates on the lifestyle that was necessitated to support…