A Runners Guide to Downtown Cedar Rapids and the NewBo District
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I’ve been a Cedar Rapidian (Cedar Rapids resident) for almost forty years. I’ve also been a runner for the large majority of those years and have trained thru many miles on the trails and streets of our town. I’d like to share this blog post called, ‘A Runners Guide to Downtown Cedar Rapids and the NewBo District’ and hope that it will be helpful to you whether you’re visiting the city for the first time or looking for a runner’s perspective and resource tool for a new route to get you going in a new direction. Rejuvenation after the Flood of 2008 As with most everything in life, there is a yin and a yang or relative concept of balance. Although our city experienced a devasting blow with the massive flooding that occurred in 2008, the silver lining of what came from that was a rejuvenation of the city and a few specific areas like the NewBo Market and New Bohemia District, the Downtown Riverfront and the Czech Village area. The new thriving area and beating heart of the New Bohemia District and Czech Village…