Becoming a Musician Can Make You a Fantastic Language Learner
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Take just 2 minutes and win prizes by telling us about you in our Creative Language Learning Podcast Listener Survey.In Episode 25, I enjoyed a conversation with Shannon Kennedy. Shannon writes the travel, language and life blog Eurolinguiste. She’s a musician. And knows seven languages.During the course of this interview I took the neatest notes I have ever written. My guest Shannon Kennedy just has that effect on you. She’s calm, considered and very experienced in language learning. You’ll hear about: Why Shannon’s blog a language learning blog with travel tips and recipes How to take responsibility for your books and apps What it takes from you when you study with a teacher What it’s like to study a language as an introvert How becoming a musician can make you a fantastic language learner The Benefits of Language Switching The lovely lovely word indulge Tips of the WeekShannon’s choice of the week was tip 3, because transliteration can help you no matter if you are learning another writing system or an…