Episode 4: HipHop, Rap and Repetition with Fluency MC
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In today's episode, you will hear from Jason Levine, the Fluency MC - one of the most creative and unusual language teachers out there. Jason has brought his passion for HipHop and rap into language teaching and now uses his skills in English teaching through a bunch of excellent rap songs. Fluency MC and I will be talking about What the science of collos is all about and how they can help you learn a language more easily What learning your times tables in Maths has to do with success in language learning Why many adult learners are WRONG about their own progress and repetition How Fluency MC aims to make studying fun rather than making HipHop really simple Parappa the Rapper, cult PS2 game Plus, there's a freestyle rendition of his storytelling song "Get a Life", which featured as a lyrical contribution to our collaborative storybook Learn Natural English through Storytelling: 8 Stories for Intermediate and Advanced Learners.Some Useful Links about ELT with HipHopCollo and Spark, online home of Fluency…