Episode 13: Episode 10: Love Online Learning? Then my Guest Breanne has ALL the Information You Need
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November 16, 2014
This time, I am talking to an expert in the area of course design and online education. Breanne Dyck knows how to make people learn, she’s got lots of information about neuroscience and learnt quite a few languages herself.“It’s not abstract motivation that keeps us going. It’s all about checking in along the way.” In this Interview you’ll be finding out aboutWhy languages are the daddy of self-teachingThe big mistake all self-learners tend to makeWhere the MOOC concept comes fromWhat you should consider before you start even looking for an online courseThe difference between a MOOC, an online course and DuolingoHow to avoid wasting money on unsuitable coursesWhat motivation is really aboutArticle of the WeekWhat is a foreign language worth?How Learning a Foreign Language Changes the Brain at Any AgeTips of the WeekOut of the following fabulous three tips, Breanne chose number 1 as her Tip of the Week! Keep immersing yourself in the target language through Facebook and practice switching from and to the…