Live from the Polyglot Gathering 2017
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It’s one of my favourite episodes of the year - the live clips are in, so you can experience the Polyglot Gathering in 2017 with the Creative Language Learning Podcast as we bring you interviews, impressions and fun from the conference floor. Here’s just a hint of what’s inside:Wonderful best wishes to you awesome listeners in German, Indonesian, Esperanto, Portuguese, Slovak, Korean, and more!Slovakia Travel Tips and insights into their unlikely national sportFiel’s call to arms — how to bring more love into language learningThe special vocabulary and handy rule 15 of Esperanto grammarWhat Gareth Popkins taught us about polyglotism…and what it has to do with your love lifeCome to an International Polyglot EventIf our episode inspired you to come and participate in a Polyglot event, check out the 2 big international conferences on the calendar:Langfest in Montréal, Canada — get 25% discount when you enter promo code KERSTINPolyglot Conerence in Reykjavík, Iceland”Polyglot” is nothing to be scared of - not…