Episode 38: Polyglot Club Certificates Available Now
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Episode 35 of the Creative Language Learning Podcast is brought to you with support from HelloTalk. Go visit them now, because you’re totally missing out.Do you remember when you first heard the word “polyglot”?And what does this word mean to you? ##Show Topic: What Is a “Polyglot” and Should You Be One?In this episode, Lindsay and I went deeper into what’s changed in the emerging community of internet polyglots. A few years ago, the YouTube landscape in particular was a nasty place. But things are looking up!What does the word mean, and is being polyglot desirable?Far from being entirely opposed to polyglots as a barrage of braggards and internet trolls, we are able to bring you many positive thoughts and perspectives.##Polyglot Guest: Alex RawlingsIn this episode, we have a special guest who is a famous fancy polyglot and known for winning the prestigious Harper-Collins award of being [Britain’s Most Multilingual Student]. It’s Alex Rawlings, co-founder of the [Polyglot Conference] and “full-time language…