Episode 30: Inside the #Add1Challenge with Brian Kwong
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November 22, 2015
This episode is brought to you with support from Other Cats to Whip, a super cute book of French idioms. Get 10% off with the code FLUENT at www.othercatstowhip.com.In this episode, Lindsay went out and discovered the world of Brian Kwong, creator of the #add1challenge. Brian has studied 5 languages and created one of the most successful trends in the polyglot world. Listen to hear more about how it all works inside the challenge: How the Study Groups and Mastermind Groups work Which schools approach turns out to be a rocking technique How the challenge changed for Brian as he took it again How Lindsay once saves a Chinese tourist’s world! Brian also gives us a hint as to what the future holds for the Add1Challenge!Word of the Week:An English word that Lindsay was struggling with ;)tout Pronounced taʊt A person who sells or endorses tickets, accommodation or taxis, often in the street or public places.Links from the Show: The #Add1Challenge Benny Lewis’s Forum Judith Meyers Talk at Polyglot Gathering in…