Don’t Avoid Language Speakers
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Hello and welcome to Episode 48 of the Creative Language Learning Podcast!We started off our episode with some insights into what’s going on with our language learning - in a new format! It’s called the good, the bad and the struggling. Listen in and tell us what you think! What's your Good, Bad and Struggling?We'd love to hear from you guys on this one. If you want to share what's good, bad and difficult in your languages right now, send your feedback to us. We read every one and your language news could make it to a show intro in the future.Simply do one of the following:1) go on Skype and leave a voice message for fluentlanguage2) email us at - include a voice memo from your phone if you can, so we can feature your voice on the showTopic: You Do Not Need a Native Speaker For PracticeThis one had a controversial statement at the heart of it, and Lindsay and I debated the merits of hunting, finding, selecting, working with and learning with native speakers.So, do you need a…