How to Rock Language Learning For Travel
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This episode brings you the best mindset tips for learning a language for your next trip - even if you’re completely busy and scared of talking to native speakers.In this episode you’ll hear Awesome listener feedback, including my top tip for what to do when people keep asking you to perform and “say something in” your target language Is it rude not to know the language of the country you are visiting? How I didn’t do prep for my Iceland trip in the ideal way - and why a phrasebook would’ve been better What’s different when you are learning languages for travel, and not “for life” What we learnt from reading the word “pizza” in lots of languages What to do immediately after you return home Catch it all by following us on Snapchat - I am fluentlanguage and Lindsay is ldlanguages.Links Mentioned In This Episode HelloTalk - Language Exchange App, where you can find speakers of any language at all Kerstin’s First Vlog in Welsh Lonely Planet Phrasebooks Langenscheidt Phrasebooks Lindsay’s Learning X in X Video…