Becky Morales on Perfect Pronunciation and Having 4 Bilingual Kids
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February 26, 2015
Hey, welcome to lucky episode 13 of the Creative Language Learning Podcast. In this episode, I’ll be sharing a delicious foodie article and talking about Kid World Citizens with Becky Morales.You Will Learn More About:How Becky went from Maths major to Spanish lover in collegeWhat it takes and what it means to become bilingualHow to put together a golden approach to teaching languageWhy pronunciation can be something you master at any age if you only have time, dedication and funHow to create an environment where you can learn a language to any level from your own home Article of the WeekTop Five Russian Pasta DIshes on Transparent LanguageBonus! Recipes of the WeekJewish Noodle KugelGerman SpätzleKazakh BeshbarmakTips of the WeekOut of the following three tips, Becky chose number 1 as her favourite tip - personalize your language learning experience by building your own vocab decks.1) DIY your Memrise Courses2) Start with Pronunciation (here’s Gabriel Wyner’s take)3) Incorporate all the senses into your…