Be Like a Waffle (Language Learning in Country)
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Episode 44 is kindly sponsored by our friends at Flashsticks. Check out their new app Flash Academy is out now. It’s a language playground offering you light lessons, games and quizzes. Go check it out for free at Flash Sticks and get 10% off everything at the site with code KERSTIN10. Learning a Language In-CountryLearning a language where it is spoken is one of the Top 5 wishes on every learner's bucket list. In this episode, we explore stories and tips about language learning - including Lindsay's travels to Costa Rica, and what Kerstin's English was like on day 1 in England. What's different between home learning and in-country learning? The risk and benefit of having a "home library" for language learning How can you build your in-country vocabulary? Why having no choice is the single best thing you can do for your language skills The three types of in-country learning: Short Stay, Mid-Stay and Complete Life Change How to rank and assess your language level on the "Kerstin Cable Breakfast Food Scale"…