Episode 35: The Guide to Knowing Your Language Learning Style
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This episode is about habits and how we build and create them. Listen to find out what our tendencies are and how we use them to make our language routines. What motivates us to do things? What motivates us to keep going? Do you set yourself goals and always meet them? Or do you hate goals? Are you likely to spend weeks just looking for the perfect textbook before you start? Or are goals only meaningful when others set them for you? Or do you only set them when they make sense? Do This:In the episode, we dove deep into the Four Tendencies Framework developed by Gretchen Rubin, which is all about how you motivate yourself to keep going and to do things.Take this quiz before or during the show to get the most out of it. Can't wait to read about your results!We answer a bunch of intriguing questions in this episode such as: How can you use your tendency for language learning? What is the best ever way of researching language learning methods? Which tendency is perfect for the ultimate self-guided language…