Gabriel Wyner is NOT a Robot (with Fluent Forever author Gabriel Wyner)
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On this show, I spoke to Gabriel (Gabe) Wyner, a well known name to many language learners thanks to his bestselling book "Fluent Forever". In this interview, you will get to know the story of "Fluent Forever", the approach he takes to language learning, and a little bit about what makes him tick as a person. You can still support the Fluent Forever app After Kickstarter, Gabriel is running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to continue to hit the rest of the stretch goals for more languages. If — like me — you would love Fluent Forever to work for lots more than just There are rewards, too! early app access as soon as the app is out pronunciation trainers and word lists that you can use immediately to engineer that brain of yours a lifetime discount at any funding level more good stuff you can check out here Special Guest: Gabriel Wyner.Sponsored By:Fluent Forever on Indiegogo: If you're someone who has supported Kickstarter projects before, please check this one out and consider giving it your…