Peace, Words ‘n Harmony
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September 11, 2016
Hey everyone, welcome to episode 49 of the Creative Language Learning Podcast.The Good, The Bad and The StrugglingRoutines lapsing for the summer, looking forward to September, and permission to half-ass online courses in this week’s catch-up with Lindsay and Kerstin. What's your Good, Bad and Struggling?We'd love to hear from you guys on this one. If you want to share what's good, bad and difficult in your languages right now, send your feedback to us. We read every one and your language news could make it to a show intro in the future.Simply do one of the following:1) go on Skype and leave a voice message for fluentlanguage2) or email us at - include a voice memo from your phone if you can, so we can feature your voice on the showTopic: Language Learning Can Bring World Peace Language is a beautiful caress that can make strangers melt into friends, but la gusgen is also a verbal door that can be closed in the face of outsiders. (Eddie Butler) We went for deep stuff, and…