Episode 11: Episode 8: Lindsay and Kerstin do Languages
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In Episode 8, my guest is Lindsay Dow, a really enthusiastic and cool independent language teacher from the UK. Lindsay is well-known for her great Youtube videos about all aspects of language learning, and she was also a winner in the Sensational Fluent Giveaway. “No one learns a language because they want their life to stay the same.” The show doesn’t follow the usual interview format, instead Lindsay came on as a co-host and talked about her favourite blogs and articles, as well as her own story of language learning. She also helped me select the Tip of the Week. You will learn: How music and lyrics from Sheffield can teach you great English Which Asian language was a total eye-opener for Lindsay Why travelling is the greatest motivation for language learning How to stop getting bored by the language you’re learning (hint: Celebrity crushes help!) Why J-Lo has insured body parts - and what that’s got to do with Germany How everyone (certainly the two of us!) feels the pressure of maintaining language…