Episode 26: Teach (Yourself) a Language with Tammy Bjelland from Language in Bloom
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September 18, 2015
It’s episode 23 and I’m back with another lovely and inspiring interview. Tammy Bjelland sparkles with all the energy she brings to language learning and teaching. She teaches, trains, offers curriculum design and runs her own podcast, the Business of Language Podcast. Let her enthusiasm pull you along in this interview! You’ll hear about: What you’re going to do with that language later The many secret benefits of languages in your career The 7 superhero skills of language learners: Empathy, Independence, Curiosity, Versatility, Creativity, Autonomy and Self-Discipline How group learning can be a HUGE advantage for you How to develop your custom curriculum Tammy’s truly impressive looking course Language Learning Formula “You have to learn to teach yourself a language. It’s a skill in itself” Tips of the Week Tammy was by far the most decisive guest I’ve ever had on this podcast. She went straight for tip number one as your Tip of the Week! 1) Practice your pronunciation with Soundcloud 2) Practice your…