“For the Love of Humanity”: Using Languages for Good
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In this episode, I'm presenting two interviews with women who are working to change people's lives through the power of language. Madeline, Interpreter for Survivors of Torture and Trauma Community Interpreter Madeline Vadkerty gives me an overview of what it is like to interpret for survivors of torture and trauma. This interview was an incredible chance to learn more about interpreting from her, and to hear why helping refugees and toture survivors get their stories heard matters so much. The people Madeline works with were caught in situations that we take for granted in many other countries: running for political office, being a homosexual, or expressing different opinions to the mainstream. She says got into her field "for the love of humanity", and shares what you need to know if interpreting intrigues you. Marianne, Religious education teacher…turned teacher for refugees When Germany accepted a large number of refugees back in 2015, many communities sprang into action. In this interview, I'm learning…