Learn A Language with TV: How to Get The Most Out of Watching TV in Your Target Language
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Topic: Watching TV in a Foreign LanguageWelcome to Episode 31, where Lindsay and I took a deep dive into revealing our TV watching habits and how they aid our language learning. Plus: Listener feedback and over 20 show recommendations.We are sponsored today by Savvy Brand Academy, a mastermind & brand course for onlinte teachers, as part of our "podcasters are doin' it for themselves month". 1) What type of TV do you watch? Listener Colin likes to watch with the whole family Chris Stewart who likes watching reality tv like “Come dine with me” For me: Serials For Lindsay: youtube as part of a routine My student Randy: Tagesschau 2) HOW do you watch? Is there such a thing as guilty learning vs. not-guilty learning? Should you watch with subtitles or without? Subtitles in your own language or the other language? Immersion or full understand mode? Big debate: How can TV count as "deliberate study time"? Where can you find shows that are appropriate for your level? What makes TV for kids a good choice? 3) Where…