Motivated by Vladimir Putin’s Russian (with Kris Broholm)
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In episode 55, friend of the show Kris Broholm from Actual Fluency joined me to discuss mindset and accountability in language learning that come from a place of reality and gentle confidence. Tune in to hear us chat and share: Great advice for English speakers who want to have early success in a new language Language learning is such a complicated jigsaw puzzle, so how can we really track what we have actually learnt? Is it presumptuous, are you lacking humility if you set yourself a big, impressive goal? How the reason you are learning a language is DIRECTLY connnected to the success that you are going to have a week, 3 months, and perhaps 12 months down the line The one thing you MUST have in order to get language learning motivated - a sense of “this is who I am” Four Tendencies in Language LearningWe revisit perspectives on the 4 tendencies framework Lindsay and I discussed in episode 32. Kris is on record as an Obliger, saying: “It would be Embarrassing to tell people that I gave up.” You can take a…