Climbing Mount Language from Basecamp to Summit
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November 20, 2017
Beware listeners: This episode contains a discussion of a few English swearwords, so if you are listening with kids please skip the first 20 minutes. And on to what's in this show: Language Stories: Lindsay has a new podcast, reporting back from her adventures around the language landscapes of cities like Montréal, New York, and more. Even after 20 years of English, I still don't know all the words. We discuss an English slang word that was news to me. Tip: The Psychology of Rewards We discussed why and how you can reward yourself when you reach those study goals. Language Learning Misconceptions Here's the list we discussed on the show: Children learn their first language effortlessly Younger learners learn languages more easily than older learners Intelligent people are better at learning languages Immersion is the best way to learn a language Grammar study is detrimental to second-language acquisition Learning a second language hinders the development of the first language Once a child can speak a…