9: Alex Cox enjoys some weed
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Alex Cox is an Apple aficionado, technologist, and staff member of the Cards Against Humanity empire. She's currently working on four different podcasts that cover a wide range of topics but we figured out her recent obsession with smoking/eating weed is something she hadn't talked about before and would make a good subject to chat about for an hour. Links:Alex Cox (@AlexCox) | TwitterCards Against HumanityBlackboxDo By FridayRoboismCatholic Guilt Podcast | TwitterTwo headed girlStoner ep19: Matt HaugheyAndy Baio on Twitter: "This dispensary opened two weeks ago in downtown Portland. It looks nicer than our Apple Store, and was in @goop.… "PAX 3 | PAXMatt Haughey on Twitter: "In retrospect, ingesting edibles at the airport was a poor decision."Podcast Hosting and Analytics - Fireside