6: Jessie Char and her love of Disney Parks
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Jessie and friends bounding as Mouseketeers from The Mickey Mouse Club Jessie Char is co-founder of the Layers Conference, taking place in San Jose on June 4-6th next month, which brings a bunch of design leaders talking about iOS design during the week of WWDC. Previous she worked on Pacific Helm, an iOS design studio. Jessie's also way into Disney Parks and is an annual pass holder even though she lives in the Bay Area. She still makes it out to the parks a couple days each month, thanks to short cheap flights and having a cofounder in Long Beach. During this talk we cover how she fell in love with Disney Parks growing up, how she rediscovered them as an adult, and what she likes to do there on a typical day. We go over our favorite places to eat and share strategies to have a fun time at Disneyland and California Adventure.Links:LAYERS 2018Jessie (@jessiechar) | TwitterJessie Char (@jessie) • Instagram photos and videosDisney Stylist (@disneystylist) Jessie's Disney-centric InstagramBounding as the…