14: Tiffani Ashley Bell is a Formula One Fan
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☝️Tiffani driving a Ferrari California in Dubai Tiffani Ashley Bell is the founder of The Human Utility, which helps prevent water shut-offs in Detroit and Baltimore, all using a donation platform she's built. It's a fascinating project that was one of the first non-profits to go through Y Combinator. Tiffani is also into F1 racing and as a car guy myself, I was curious to hear what makes it exciting and how one goes about following all the action.Links:Tiffani Ashley Bell (@tiffani) | TwitterThe Human Utility - Detroit and Baltimore water bill assistanceFormula One - WikipediaLewis Hamilton (photo)Lewis Hamilton's websiteNico Rosberg - WikipediaF1's 2018 Cars Come With a New Engineering Puzzle: The Halo | WIREDPledge your birthday to The Human Utility