The Dangers of Being Disabled
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In this heart wrenching episode of Sick Sad World, Mari and Jasmine welcome special guest Andrew Gurza to talk about some cases a little close to home. Mari and tells the story of Bill Luft, and Andrew brings attention to the murder of Tracy Latimer by her father, Robert Latimer. CW: familicide, murder, gun violence, ableism, sanism, eugenics, court systemsAndrew Gurza is a Disability Awareness Consultant and Cripple Content Creator, bringing attention to issues surrounding disability. You can find his work, like his podcast DisabilityAfterDark, on his website Follow him on Twitter @AndrewGurza. Podcast Promo: Perhaps It’s YouDon’t forget to email us your episode suggestions, comments, concerns, and whatever else you want to tell us at [email protected]!And follow us on Twitter @SickSadWorldSSW and Instagram @sick_sad_world_pod